Ecosia Dark Mode

Ecosia Dark-Mode

A simple chrome extension to activate a dark mode to the ecosia search engine. Ecosia is a search engine that uses the profits generated by your online research to plant trees where the need is greatest. They have a free browser extension for you to save the planet:

Chrome extension - Edge extension


It is a very basic chrome extension, enjoy the Chrome documentation to help you.

Gulp auto compiling separate js/css

Node version : v14.18.*
npm version : 6.14.*

npm i
gulp watch

After the “gulp watch”, work in the “sass” and/or “js” folder.
Gulp takes care of compiling into .css and .js files properly.

Explanation of compiled files


global.js (use everywhere)
main.js (use on the *.ecosia.* pages)
newtab.js (use in the new tab page)
popup.js (use in the popup)
vendors.js (use everywhere) < Contains used js libraries such as jquery
ecosia/main.js (use in the new tab page) < native ecosia script


main.css (use for overwrite page css)
newtab.css (css of the new tab page)
popup.css (css of the popup) ecosia/main.css (use in the new tab page) < native ecosia style

NOTE : Both .css include “global” folder with globals scss vars/mixins/helpers

For the HTML of the popup, it’s simply in ecosia-dark-mode.html